Payment by the Customer for the services of "Travel Cars" is made by an advance payment in the amount of 50 or 100% of the cost of the Order at the rates listed on the website The amount of the payment depends on the payment method. The Rates section contains prices for standard orders that do not include major and / or special events. Prices are for informational purposes only. The final price of the Order must be specified before booking by phone: +99893 596-92-20 or by e-mail: Transaction fees are not included in the order price. At the end of the Order, an additional invoice may be issued for expenses not specified in the order. When calculating the travel time, the service time is rounded up to half an hour. The calculation of the cost of services according to the tariff is carried out according to the number of hours worked, rounded to half an hour according to the following rules:

  • from 0:00 to 0:30 - is counted as half an hour
  • from 0:00 to 0:31 - is counted as an hour.

Meeting and seeing off at the train station is charged as an hourly car rental. The transfer to the airport includes 15 minutes of free waiting for the passenger, waiting for more than 15 minutes is paid at the hourly rate. The transfer price includes meeting the client with a sign, assistance with luggage. The transfer does not include paid parking. The trip or delivery of vehicles outside the city limits is paid additionally, information on the price is provided upon request. Airport transfers include an hour of free waiting from the moment the plane lands. Waiting at the airport for more than 1 hour from the moment the plane lands is paid at the hourly rate.